Photo Story

Same Kind of Different


Being the only male on the East Detroit High School cheerleading team, and identifying as bisexual, Kenneth Blair, faces the trials of adolescence head on. Earning respect, and support from his peers at school, he claims he has successfully navigated the common struggles that alternative teens generally experience. Although mutual understanding is present between Kenneth and his peers, conflict arises when he returns home only to encounter Tyrone, his mother’s conservative boyfriend and the father of his half-brothers, Kyle, Kris and Kolby.

Couch of Compassion


orking to graduate, Giovanteey Bishop, a senior at Eastern Michigan University, is unable to afford both school and housing. Relying on her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters for shelter, she sleeps on a couch, and stores her belongings in a spare closet and the back seat of her car, which remains idly parked because she cannot afford insurance.

Third Street

Peggy on Third Street

Peggy on Third Street

My jeep barely made it up the hill that guarded the community on Third Street. I parked at the bottom of the street, got out of my car and stared at the houses around me.. I weaved from house to house, knocking on doors, introducing myself, making conversation and creating new connections to those on Third Street. Winding to the left, I walked through a park filled with kids and dogs, and looped back up to the end of Third Street where my car was parked. Ready to call it a day, keys in hand, I saw a pair of bundled figures walking towards me. Next thing I know, I am taking off my boots, coat and scarf and defrosting in the warmth of Peggy’s and Bob’s home. Peggy offered me a seat, and Bob offered me tea. I accepted both. The next hour and a half was an out-of-body experience. I received a tour of the house from Bob and Peggy; they showed me their favorite prints and books, spoke to me about their son, and their professions. I left Third Street giddy and proud of my aggressive door knocking, friend making and picture taking.